Events Timeline for 2022 Election Cycle

The following list summarizes significant dates and deadlines relevant to the Libertarian Party of Texas in the current election cycle. Many of these dates are highlighted by the Texas Secretary of State. Where possible, each listed event also references the source of its date, coming from Texas Election Code (“TEC”), LPTexas Rules, and/or LPTexas Operations Manual.

LPTexas Events Calendar: Counties that have submitted events will be listed on the calendar. 

Consolidated list of 2022 Precinct Conventions:

Please send any questions or feedback to the LPTexas Credentials Committee: [email protected]

December 2021

  • Monday, December 13 (6 pm)Deadline for prospective 2022 candidates to file an Application for Nomination. [TEC §181.031 - 181.034]
  • Thursday, December 23Deadline for state and county chairs to report candidate information to the Texas Secretary of State (via TEAM system). [TEC §181.032]

February 2022

  • Monday, February 7Last day to register to vote in time for March 8 precinct conventions. [TEC §13.143(a)]
  • Saturday, February 26Deadline for County Chairs to post notices of time and location of Precinct Conventions (recommend posting County Convention notices at same time) [TEC §181.064 and 174.023]

March 2022

  • Tuesday, March 1 – Primary Election: Please note that voting in the Republican or Democratic primaries nullifies LP convention participation. [TEC §85.001(a)]
  • Wednesday, March 2 – Deadline for County Convention notices [TEC §181.064 and 174.023]
  • Friday, March 4 - Deadline for District Executive Committee members to report their vote on the location and time of all applicable District Conventions to the State Chair [LPTexas Rule IV.c.6.]
  • Tuesday, March 8 – Precinct Conventions [TEC §181.061(c)]
  • Friday, March 11Deadline for precinct convention chairs to deliver list of convention participants to County and State Chairs. [TEC §181.067]
  • Saturday, March 12 – County Conventions [TEC §181.061(c)]
  • Saturday, March 19 – District Conventions (where applicable) [TEC §181.061(b)]
  • Tuesday, March 22Deadline for county convention records to be sent to LPTexas (for records and credentialing of state delegates) [LPTexas Rule III.b.4. and Records Policy of LPTexas Operations Manual]

April 2022

  • Friday, April 1Deadline for county convention chairs to certify candidates nominated at county conventions, reported to county election authorities and the secretary of state. [TEC §181.068]
  • Friday, April 8Deadline for district convention chairs to certify candidates nominated at district conventions, reported to the secretary of state. [TEC §181.068]
  • Friday, April 8 - Sunday, April 10 – LPTexas State Convention [TEC §181.061, LPTexas Rule IV.d.]
  • Friday, April 29 – Deadline for state convention chair to certify candidates nominated at state convention, reported to the secretary of state. [TEC §181.068]

August 2022

  • Friday, August 26Last day candidates may withdraw from or be declared ineligible for general election. [TEC §145.032, 145.035]

October 2022

  • Monday, October 10Last day citizens may register to vote in the November 8 general election. [TEC §13.143(a)]
  • Monday, October 24 – First day of early voting by personal appearance for November 8 general election. [TEC §85.001(a)]
  • Friday, October 28 – Last day for early voting clerk to receive application for ballot by mail for November 8 general election. [TEC §84.007(c)]

November 2022

  • Friday, November 4Last day of early voting by personal appearance for November 8 general election. [TEC §85.001(a)]
  • Tuesday, November 8 – General Election day [TEC §41.002]